We Protect Nature

Geo Natura Tours (GNT) owns a private forest preserve along the Jamaical River in the eastern watershed of Costa Rica near the Arenal Volcano.

Within its 300 acres of pristine woodlands known as “El Jamaical” Forest Preserve GNT has also established the Jamaical Biological Field Station which is dedicated to the study of a wide variety of research projects investigating tropical rain forest ecology.

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Discover Costa Rica with our expert guides

We have selected some of the best nature guides in the country, and they are happy to share with you their knowledge based on years of experience in the field.

At certain birding sites GNT also engages local guides who know where to find wildlife in their locations and interpret the natural world for you.

Geo Natura Tours offers outstanding personalized service, providing its special expertise in tour planning as well as in field guiding to ensure that you will enjoy a fun and fulfilling vacation.

Photography Expeditions

Our photography trips and workshops in Costa Rica give you the chance to improve your photography skills by getting hands-on experience and learning from the experts.

Birding & Nature Tours

Time in the field in search of rare birds is precious. Geo Natura Tours experts go above and beyond to create personalized bird watching tours to suit your needs.

Natural History Tours

For years Geo Natura Tours has carefully crafted expeditions to explore other aspects of the ecology, culture, gastronomy and geology of Costa Rica. These very special trips are designed for people who enjoy life and love to learn from nature.

Conservation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the biologically richest countries in the Western Hemisphere.