Bruce & Sharon Beck Tour

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Costa Rica has more than five percent of the world’s biodiversity, active volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. It is a unique country with no armed forces and one of the most complete network of national parks in Latin America.

Bruce and Sharon Beck will be the hosts.

Tour Type

Culture & Nature

Group Size

Min. 8 Participants Max.16 Participants


15th - 25th July 2023

Activity Level


Costa Rica has more than five percent of the world’s biodiversity, active volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. It is a unique country with no armed forces and one of the most complete networks of national parks in Latin America. Bruce and Sharon Beck will be the hosts. They are well-acquainted with Central America, having lived there two times and traveled through Central America several times. They have led small group tours through Costa Rica and Nicaragua. They will see that each person has an enjoyable, comfortable, and safe experience, from sign-up to the return home.

The driver is Ricardo Gómez, an experienced and capable naturalist in his own right. We will travel in his new air-conditioned Toyota Cruiser tourist bus. He speaks English fluently.

Our guide will be Gustavo Orozco, an exceptional naturalist and conservationist with thirty years’ experience. He will share a wealth of information on Costa Rican culture and history.

San José Province

Days 1 & 10.

Paraiso, Cartago Province

Day 2 & 3.

Barrio La Guaria, Heredia Province

Day 4 & 5.

Fortuna, Alajuela Province

Day 6 & 7.

Quebrada Ganado, Puntarenas Province

Day 8 & 9.

Upon arrival to Juan Santamaría Airport in San Jose (SJO) you will be met by Gustavo and Ricardo. Transfer to your hotel where you have the rest of the day to relax.

Lodging: Country Inn

Meals: Dinner

Type of room: Standard

Active between 1963 and 1965, Irazu is one of the most visited volcanoes in Central America. We can stroll around the main crater to experience the impressive craters. On a very clear day the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts can be seen from the crest. At the elevation of 11,500 feet, the air is thin and the temperature very cool. The atmosphere, landscape, and unique and diverse flora and fauna make for an incomparable and memorable experience.

After lunch we drive from Irazu to Cartago, the former capital of Costa Rica. We visit Lankaster Botanical Gardens, one of the most beautiful of Costa Rican gardens, Lankaster holds one of the most impressive collection of orchids anywhere in the country. After our visit to Lankaster we drive to Paraiso Orocay Lodge.


Lodging: Paraiso Orocay Lodge

Meals: Breakfast

Type of room: Standard

After breakfast we will drive around the Orosi Valley and visit some points of interest, the mission of Orosi, perhaps the oldest standing church in Costa Rica, its construction dates back to 1743.Today we can find a small museum of religious art and artefacts of the XVII century. Our next stop will be the ruins of Ujarras, to see what is left of the first Catholic Church of Costa Rica, the building dates back to 1686. These ruins have a lot of history behind them and are beautifully surrounded by plantations and secondary forest.

After Ujarras, we drive to La Casona Cafetal for lunch, overlooking a gorgeous lake and surrounded by coffee plantations.

From the Casona Cafetal we will enter a coffee plantation and learn about this crop so important to the economy of Costa Rica. Then return to the Orocay Lodge.

Lodging: Paraiso Orocay Lodge                                                          

 Meals: Breakfast

This morning we drive to the area of Sarapiqui located in the Central eastern region of the country. On the way we will make a stop to see “La Basilica de Los Angeles” the most important Catholic church in the country and home of our patroness saint. Every year in August more than two million people congregate at the church to celebrate our “Virgen de los Angeles”. Over the years this celebration has become so popular that also congregates people from other parts of Central America. We will learn the history behind this tradition and the origin of one of the most celebrated catholic festivities in Costa Rica.

After our visit we continue to drive through the mountains to the lowlands of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

Lodging: Ara Ambigua

Type of room: Standard                        

Meals: Breakfast  

Today is a busy day! In the morning we visit La Tirimbina research Station to see a Cacao plantation, this crop is responsible for the chocolate we produce in Costa Rica, we have chosen this plantation because it is the closest, we can show you to the ones that existed prior to the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. To get to the plantation we cross a suspension bridge over the Sarapiqui river and walk through the rain forest to finally arrive to the plantation in the middle of the jungle. Truly and unique experience! Once there we will learn all about this incredible crop and get to sample some chocolate too!

 In the afternoon we will visit an organic pineapple farm. Today pineapple has become one of the largest crops of export of Costa Rica and this region is one of the best in the world to grow it. We will drive through the plantation and learn all about this delicious fruit, we will even become experts when we get to choose one at the market at home.

Lodging: Ara Ambigua

Meals: Breakfast

This morning we drive to La Fortuna, home of Arenal Volcano, once one of the most active volcanoes in the planet. We will visit don Juan, a charismatic farmer of the area who once had a dream to teach locals how to grow organic tropical crops in a sustainable way. This visit will put the tropics in perspective, and we will learn not only how to cultivate tropical crops but also how important it is to do it showing respect for nature. We will have lunch with don Juan and his family and eat all the things we will see in the field.

After our visit to don Juan, we will make a stop in the town of Fortuna. From where we will make our final drive to Arenal Paraiso Hotel.

Lodging: Arenal Paraiso

Meals: Breakfast and lunch

Type of room: Superior

Today, we are heading for an exciting adventure, searching for sloths in their natural habitat. These amazing mammals, related to anteaters and armadillos, are among the most fascinating animals in the rainforest to see and photograph. Besides sloths, in our walk we may find a great assortment of tropical birds, including toucans, tanagers, many small colorful birds, birds of prey, and others. We will experience the tropical rainforest, with its many unique flowers, vines and trees.

Lodging: Arenal Paraiso

Meals: Breakfast

Mid-morning departure for the Central Pacific region of the Country, lunch on the way to arrive in Punta Leona Hotel area.

Midafternoon to enjoy the property or make a relaxing visit to the beach.

Lodging: Punta Leona

Meals: Breakfast

Type of room: Selvamar Standard

After breakfast we travel to the Tarcoles River to get close and personal with Costa Rica’s stellar predator, the American Crocodile! It will be an amazing experience seeing crocodiles and other wildlife and birds along the river and among the mangroves.

Lodging: Punta Leona

Meals: Breakfast

Type of room: Selvamar Standard

Today, the beautifully painted oxcart is an iconic symbol and souvenir.

Lodging: Country inn

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.

Type of room: Standard

Transfer to the International airport for your flight home.